We have a group of dedicated, skilled and perfectly trained technicians that have been setting new standards in the industry.

Since Almax always values its clients, every comment is taken into consideration. 
You can contact us at 519-781-4328 or 647-898-4328 anytime, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Almax provides its furnace installation services to both the residential and commercial sectors.

Almax Residential Furnace Install Services

Although new residential furnaces are small, they need proper skills for installation. Almax’s highly trained technicians are able to install any type of furnace.

Your furnace will not run efficiently unless it has been installed accurately. Almax’s technicians know the requirements of a furnace and they approach every job with the highest level of skills needed.

If you have bought a new furnace and you are seeking to get the help from a reputable company, then Almax is the best option for you.

Almax never disappoints you and will provide you satisfaction with its distinctive installation services.

We offer totally free estimates when you require new equipment.
Call us now at 519-781-4328 or 647-898-4328 and get your free, non-obligatory assessment now.

Almax Commercial Services:

Almax’s furnace installation services for commercial buildings are unique which completes our dominance in the heating installation industry.

The high quality services of Almax can be attributed to its dedicated staff, having vast experience in the field. The installation of a commercial furnace requires specialized skills which are present in the highly trained workers of Almax.

We specialize in installing different types of furnaces with 100% accuracy. By using our emergency service, you can have your furnace installed and running within 24 hours.
We are trusted to fulfill any furnace related requirements of commercial businesses to the highest standards of quality.

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